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How The Procedure Works

Tell Us What You Need

First we gain a good understanding of exactly what you are looking for and the quantity you would like. To do this we ask you to supply us with pictures and information on the products you would like to purchase and the quantities of those products.

Free Product Sourcing

Once we know what you are looking for we then contact all the factories all over China gaining pictures, prices and information for the products they produce along with production time scales payment terms etc.

Perform Background Checks

After you have chosen your preferred choice of factory we then perform background checks to ensure the company is legitimate including financial checks on the companies turnover and a visit to the factory to check the quality of the products they produce.

Negotiate The Best Deal

The next stage is to negotiate the best possible price with the factory for exactly what you want them to produce for you. To do this we use our experienced Chinese agents that specialise in negotiating with factory owners using their expertise to get the best deal from the factory for price, production times and quality of the materials used.

Arrange The Shipping

Once the goods are ready we arrange for those goods to be collected from the factory brought to the port and shipped over to the UK.

We Fill In All The Paperwork

We deal with all the paperwork involved with the purchasing of the goods and the shipping of those goods to the UK.

We Deal With The Taxes

On arrival to the UK we deal with all the taxes on your behalf saving you from all the headaches of VAT and Duty etc.

We Deliver The Goods To You

Once the goods have cleared customs we collect the goods and deliver them right to your chosen destination.

What we import

We import literally anything and everything provided of course the product is legal both in China and the UK then we are happy to source and deliver the goods at your request.

How much must you order?

We will import as much or as little as you would like weather it be a small box, a large 40”HQ container or a small sample.

Product Sourcing from the Far East