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Free Product Sourcing

Sourcing quality products at the lowest possible prices is what we do best. We have agents in China that specialise in getting our customers exactly what they want when they want it and at the lowest possible prices on the market. Unlike many other import companies that have their set preferred factories offering prices from just a few different manufacturers, we contact as many as 100 factories for a single item ensuring we get the best possible prices for our customers.   

Another major benefit to our customers looking to source products from china is we do not charge a penny to source products for our clients. We only make money if you buy the products we source, which is why we work so hard to ensure our customers are so happy with the price and the products we source that they use us to purchase and deliver those products.

Summary of our sourcing process:

  • 1We gain a good understanding of exactly what you are looking for and the quantity you would like.
  • 2Gain prices, pictures and information from all the factories all over china producing the type of goods you are looking for.
  • 3Pass this information to our customer to decide on the factory they like most.
  • 4Perform background checks on the chosen factory to ensure they are genuine.
  • 5Negotiate the best possible price for exactly what you would like to buy.
  • 6Arrange shipping of the goods whether it be via container ship or airplane.
  • 7On arrival to the UK we clear the goods through customs and arrange transportation to your chosen location.
  • 8Deliver the goods to your chosen location.


What we import

We import literally anything and everything provided of course the product is legal both in China and the UK and meets exacting EU standards, such as CE certification, Fire Safety Standards, EEC certification etc.


How much must you order?

We will import as much or as little as you would like weather it be a small box, a large 40”HQ container or a small sample.



Looking to source products from the Far East

You can use the below form to get prices and information on products directly from the manufacturers completely FREE of charge

Product Sourcing from the Far East